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O podcast de Radio Linguas

Podcasts feitos para e pola comunidade educativa da Escola Oficial de Idiomas de Vigo.
Podcasts made by and for the school members of of the Official Language School of Vigo (Spain).
Podcasts hechos por y para la comunidad educativa de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Vigo (España).

Últimos episodios

  • Translating masks and other B2.1-branded ads

    In these adverts made by B2.1 students language learning and advertising go hand in hand .

  • In conversation with… Anita and Ally

    Main excerpts of the series of interviews held with our language assistants for this year, Ana Belén Gutiérrez and Ally Chard, where some of the B2.1 students got to know a bit more about their life in the States, their thoughts about Galicia and its culture, the language and cultural shocks.

  • Ben Rivers discusses his play: The Invaders’ Fear of Memories

    Friday, May 31st, 2024 at 6 pm, Ben Rivers will present his one-man production titled The Invaders' Fear of Memories in the Vigo Language School. In this episode, English teacher Helen Burr interviews Ben about the origins of the play. 

  • A LETTER OF NOTE (to sweet A.)

    Welcome to another Letter of Note. Ally Chard, the lectora of the English department of the EOI in Vigo is reading this poetic letter to her younger self, while gazing at the future with all her enthusiasm.


    Welcome to this conversation between Ally Chard, the lectora from the EOI in Vigo and myself, the editor of this podcast. We are using some of the questions the students of C1 came up with, while discussing the possibly 'odd' questions job seekers are (or rather, used to be) asked in a job interview. We might have stretched our imagination a bit (sorry, HR managers there). Uncomfortable questionnaire N 1 is here for you to enjoy, plus you are invited to have a fun chat with a likeminded individual whenever it suits you.

  • Je me souviens (odeurs, recettes, pot-au-feu, et compagnie)

    Ce podcast intitulé Je me souviens est destiné à nous ramener à des souvenirs de morceaux de quotidiens enfouis dans nos mémoires. Il est construit comme un fil de conversation entre amis. Des petits morceaux de quotidien, légers et savoureux. Pour les personnes qui l’écouteront, chaque Je me souviens sera, ou ne sera pas, évocateur. Question de résonnance avec sa propre vie. Mais il y en aura certainement un qui vous rappellera quelque chose….

  • Gente da EOI (1)

    Gente da EOI: um programa onde podem conhecer as pessoas que se encontram no café da escola, realizado no curso monográfico de rádio em português da Escola Oficial de Línguas de Vigo, no primeiro semestre do ano 2023-2024.

  • Observa_Acción Acollida da ESADg e EASD Ramón Falcón de Lugo na EOI de Vigo

    A EOI de Vigo participa no programa de innovación chamado Observa_Acción que consiste en observación interescolar e intraescolar. Na Etapa Acolle, estamos "emparellados" con dous centros de réxime especial, a ESADg e a EASD Ramón Falcón. Na sesión de acollida de profesorado das escolas de ensinanzas de réxime especial, compañeiros dos tres centros involucrados comparten perspectivas sobre o trato de erro e a experiencia de observar aulas en outro centro de ensino. 

  • Reading for Pleasure 4

    This is the fourth episode in the series "Reading for Pleasure" in which two of our students recommend books they have read this year. In particular they are talking about "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time" by Mark Haddon and "Enough about Love" by Hervé LeTellier. Listen to this episode to see what they think!

  • My Perfect Online Life #2: Marco

    In "My Perfect Online Life," we go behind the scenes of social media to uncover real stories. Students from B2.1 share the truth behind their beautiful posts and we learn about the ups and downs behind the perfect pictures. The show reminds us that every photo has a story. Stay tuned for more honest discussions about our digital world.